Get Solar. Give Back.

At Activate, we’re proud to offer the first two-way marketplace for solar providers and consumers in a single app.¹

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Generational family with newborn admiring solar farm

It’s time to do everything we can to protect our planet, which is why we’ve made solar lending¹ simple. It’s rewarding, too.

As you use your debit card or reach key repayment milestones, we’ll make donations to environmental causes in line with our shared beliefs.

Apply in minutes

Get funds fast

Use your debit card

Make payments

Earn donations to charity

Track your giving

Here’s how it works:²

  • Once your loan is funded, you’ll receive an Activate debit card.
  • You can add funds from your existing accounts or digital wallets.
  • Every transaction you make on the card earns points for your chosen charity.
  • Once a year, we’ll convert those points into a cash donation.

Simply rewarding.²

Reaching key repayment milestones will benefit you and the causes you are passionate about. Milestones include:

  • Making your first payment
  • The half-way point of your loan term
  • Making your final payment
$50 charitable donations

Apply in minutes. Protect the planet.

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